Fire Youth & Young Adults

We will be a generation on fire for Jesus Christ, uncontained, and with strength! We will boldly proclaim that Jesus Christ is Lord of all. We will be a place that fosters H.O.T conversations with raw and real responses answered and verified through the word of God. We are called Fire because Fire CAN NOT live and be contained. Free fires spread and excite everything around it! Our Fire for Christ cannot and will not be contained because he has called us free. We are no longer bound or known by our sins, but we are known by our names! God is a fire that refines us! When we are consumed with his fire he is refining us and making us better! He is transforming us into what he needs us to be. Burning away the things that are not like Christ, his fire is purifying us! Although fire can hurt and be uncomfortable it is refining us and making us beautiful for our father.

Leader: Joshua Easley

Youth Fire: Sundays 10 am – Education Building

Young Adults Fire: Thursdays 7 pm – Chapel Building

Evangelism & Outreach Ministry

The Tower of Faith Evangelism/Outreach Department, serves as a vehicle to implement the Tower of Faith’s Mission to; Save Souls, Build Lives, and Impact our community. We serve as the outreach, reaching outside the church walls to introduce Christ the Savior to a dying world.

We currently offer a Drive-Thru Prayer Outreach every 2nd Saturday from 10am – 11am in the Church’s front parking lot. We also utilize that Saturday to reach out to homeless camps within the community, providing care packages and meals. We also plan special events through the year.

Leader: Deacon Darrell Carter

Men’s Department

The TOF Men’s Department focuses on Men united together for the purpose of true Godly support, fellowship and community impact. Iron sharping iron with constant care for each other and families. We aim to provide pillars of support for our Pastor and our ministry.

Come join us and help further the kingdom of God as a strong, united core or men!

Leader: Elder Aaron Bogoney

Men’s Discussion: Sundays 9 am – Chapel Building

Spanish Speaking Ministry

Por muchos anos, Dios ha puesto una carga para la gente de la cuidad de Compton en el corazon del Pastor Anderson. Esta carga es en compartir la palabra de Dios. Reconociendo los necesidad de los cambios en nuestra comunicad, juntos con el comitimiento en compartir la palabra de Dios, nuestro Ministerio Hispano a nacido. Pastores Hector y Alicia Perez cordinan el ministerio. Cada noche los Miercoles comenzando a las 7pm, Pastor Perez da un estudio biblico en espanol. Cada estudio biblico comiensa con alabansas y adoracion y dando gracias a Dios. Durante este tiempo hermos visto un movemiento podersos del Senor, donde la gente estaaprediendo la palabra de Dios y gente esta siendo tocada y cambiando para major.Aparte del estudio biblico cada semana, participamos en oracion corporal. Esta oracion corporal se lleva a cabo cada primer viernes de cada mes, comenzando a las 8pm. de la noche. En ester tiempo nos juntamos con nuestros hermanos y hermanas de habla ingles y oramos juntos por toda nesedidad.La biblia dice en Lucas 1:37 “no hay nada imposible para Dios” y estamos viendo esta promesa cumpliendose!Queremos invitarlo a usted que venga y sca parte del estudio biblico y oracion corporal. Si usted tiene preguntas, por favor llame. Dios los bendiga

El Lider: Pastor Hector Perez

Adoracion Dominical: 1 pm – Edificio de la Capilla

Contact / Location

Contact info

4323 E Rosecrans Ave
Compton, CA 90221

(310) 632-5555 (office)

(310) 638-7458 (fax)

Gathering Times

Sunday School: 8:30 am – 9:45 am

Sunday Morning Worship: 10 am

Spanish Speaking Worship: 2 pm

Wednesday Morning Bible Study: 11 am - 12 Noon

Wednesday Evening Bible Study: 7 pm

Friday Night Prayer: 1st Friday Of Every Month 7 pm

2nd Saturday: Drive Thru Prayer 9 am
3rd Saturday: Morning Glory 6 am
4th Saturday: Food and Clothing Giveaway 11 am
Events / Calendar